Investment Management


Our Investment Philosophy is based on a simple proven premise – greater and more consistent gains can be made by investing in quality securities that are priced below their intrinsic value. We apply this simple premise across asset classes. While principally equity investors, given the asset class has a long history of higher returns, we adjust the mix of assets for client accounts based on the relative attractiveness of each asset class as well as the client’s personal risk tolerance and stated investment goals and objectives.



Our equity investments are principally in high quality companies generating high returns on equity with a sustainable competitive advantage to protect and compound those returns over many years. We seek to buy these companies at a discount to their intrinsic value, we hold them with the mindset of a long-term business owner, and we let the business results (i.e. earnings and cash flow) drive the performance of our investment. A smaller, tactical portion of our investment portfolio may be in companies that are particularly cheap or will benefit from favorable cyclical conditions. We focus on our best ideas, while avoiding excessive concentration.


Fixed Income

Our fixed income investments are intended to serve as an anchor of stability within a broad investment portfolio. Fixed income investments include a combination of government bonds, corporate bonds and preferred stocks, and we adjust the mix of these securities to achieve a balance of capital preservation and total return. As with equities, we generally emphasize quality through the selection of investment grade issuers and vehicles (ETF’s), but we will add riskier, high-yield investments when we think we are being appropriately compensated to do so.

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